Emperor’s Breath

Lemmiwinks x PugsBreath - AlpinStash Original

Indica Hybrid

When we crossed our Lemmiwinks to PugsBreath (MendoBreath f2 x MendoBreath f2) by ThugPug Genetics, we had no idea what the offspring would produce. We we’re astounded when this lady came out smelling like the breath of a Emperor right after a feast. If savory terpines are your thing, this cultivar is for you. She has a strong smell and taste of garlic, onions and mushrooms, leading one reviewer to exclaim “she tastes like Thanksgiving dinner!” immediately upon exhale. She grows big buds with purple highlights which take their structure from her Lemmiwinks mama. Like both Lemmiwinks and PugsBreath, Emperor’s Breath is a great all day smoke. Her unique characteristics have made her both a standout and a staple.

Finalist - 2019 Connoisseur Cup