heese Quake x Midnight Excitement (Midnight Snow x Pure Gooey x Dark Desire x Afgooy) - AlpinStash Original


TGA classic strain Cheese Quake, meet old school Cali classic Midnight Excitement by Gooey Breeder! Midnight Excitement is a mix of old school heirloom sativas and has been an excellent stud for us. He imparts purple and pink colors and a sweet haze smell into whomever he touches. This cross brings out the best in both parents and was bred with the sativa lover in mind. Apparently, when sweet haze terpines meet cheesy terpines, the result is a bubblegum nose with a haze note. This delicious aroma is imparted in the smoke for a great flavor. Add to this the pink and purple hues (many buds are solid pink) and you have a real winner. She is one of our favorite Sativas and a great choice for when you want to be productive, yet a bit laid back.

Finalist - 2019 Connoisseur Cup