Front Range Biosciences

We are working closely with a very talented team of bioscientists who are working on sequencing and assembling cannabis genomes. These scientist are doing some very innovative things. Contact them directly for more information and the opportunity to work with them too.

Purps by penny

We are working with artist Penny Holiday and 2 Suave Entertainment to bring you a custom, purple strain. Every step of the process is being released episodically as The color purple 3 documentary. Stay tuned for exciting updates in this super fun project!

emerald lens

We could not be more proud to be working with a talented, young photographer who has a passion for cannabis awareness with knowledge. Her goal is to shake the stigma and spread the healing. If you are looking for a cannabis photography or a family portrait, bookher and enjoy!


We offer consultations to fit your organic and pest-free growing needs. Please contact us for more information.