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Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Danny grew up fishing, camping, hiking, climbing and playing in the mountains. He began suffering from chronic stomach pains in his early 20's. Despite several extended hospitalizations, doctors were unable to deliver a correct diagnose and began treating him with increasingly heavy doses of opiate pain medications. Further complications included thoracic outlet syndrome and a non-cancerous brain tumor, both of which required surgeries to fix and ever-growing doses of medications. By 2009, he was on 19 different prescription medications, disengaged with life, becoming overweight and falling deeper into depression.  Upon the urging of his father, he got his first medical cannabis card in December of that year.  Shortly after beginning this plant-based treatment, Danny's life began to change rapidly. Growing cannabis became the reason for him to get out of bed and gave him the drive to improve his health and life.  By mid 2010 he had lost 70 pounds and weaned himself off of pain medications completely.  He credits using and growing cannabis with saving his life and seeks to give back as much as he can to this amazing plant.

Today, when Danny is not busy caring for the plants, he spends his time with his wife, Murr and their three doggos, playing in the mountains or hanging out in their back yard.

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Murr was born and raised in Colorado. She's an avid athlete, and even from a young age, her pioneering spirit found a home in a traditionally male dominated sport: hockey. This passion drove her through high school, and despite a major injury, brought her to Minneapolis to play on a college team. A cornucopia of pain killers and muscle relaxers didn't solve her underlying problem, and after a year she hung up her skates for what she thought would be forever. When a friend suggested she try cannabis, she was able to get off the pain killers and muscle relaxers, thus returning to recreational hockey.   Many years later she returned to Colorado and met her husband Danny.

Murr has always been fascinated by the natural world and has found her true purpose as a grower at AlpinStash. She can be found all over the grow, singing to the plants with intention to ensure that they live a happy and fruitful life.



Born in Miami to Cuban parents, she studied Pastry Arts in New York City.  She has traveled and studied abroad before settling down in Boulder in 2015 with her husband and their furry child- Raiden.

She has always loved learning and feels that the Cannabis industry provides a uniquely bridging environment and setting to her love of the kitchen and all things botanical. 

In addition to cultivation, she loves painting, going on long walks, reading and spending time with loved ones